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3 maanden geleden

QGWWJ19OZI8N26FWXF Where are you located ? I want to come to you one of these days

Daniel Staley-Myers
3 maanden geleden

Hi I’m Daniel and interested in casting my children’s fantasy dance drama, I’m the screenwriter of the project, I developed a series set in coastal England called Echo Kyriakos.
It’s about a Greek girl called Echo going to visit her cousin in Aspatria, Cumbria but we learn the girls aren’t as human as we thought they were.

It’s the real sort of escapism I know the audiences want to watch so I have started to look into crew for a show that many actors think has potential and  I think a show about escapism but could be what the industry is looking for and I know it has excited 3 directors already even though I’ve written to a hundred or so.

The following directors I’m in talks with:

Paul Oldeing - +44 7970 155303 -
Luke Howard - +44 7449 977899 -

Shay Kannot -

Yours faithfully
Daniel Staley-Myers
Screenwriting and Casting

Elizabeth Romah
2 jaar geleden

Hallo Aimee, je hebt geweldig werk geleverd als jonge Anastasia / Marfa en Esamble in de musical Anastasia De.

2 jaar geleden

Mooi xxx